Water into wine at Cana




Use your own words to offer this meditation to God.

Bible reading

Read John 2:1-11.

Background information/commentary

Cana of Galilee

There are two sites which could have been the location of the Cana of Galilee mentioned in St John’s Gospel.  One is Kafr Cana which lies four miles northeast of Nazareth.  This is the traditional site of Cana in Galilee and there is a small Franciscan church on the site commemorating the miracle.

The other possibility is Khirbet Cana, nine miles north of Nazareth.  Archaeological evidence from the time of Jesus has been found at this site, including a few fragments of small stone vessels.  However, more recent archaeological excavations on the outskirts of the traditional site at Kafr Cana have found evidence of a large Jewish settlement from the time of Jesus.  Furthermore, fragments of large stone vessels, such as those mentioned by John, have been found. (1)

The stone water jars

Excavations across Israel have revealed stone vessels in the first century AD levels.  They are distinctly Jewish and formed an important part of the Jewish purification rites during the time of Jesus.  Interestingly, large stone vessels are typically only found in urban sites and wealthy homes.  So the marriage feast at Cana took place in an upper class home.  Stone vessels were made from soft limestone quarried in Galilee and made into vessels of different sizes: mugs, cups and jars.  Very large jars were made on lathes powered by two men.  Vessels made out of stone were regarded as being impervious to impurity.  Stone lids were also made to ensure ritual cleanness of the contents (2)

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