8. Sacraments of the Church

In Palestine during his earthly Ministry Jesus gave people both health of mind and body and also spiritual benefits by saying something to them or by laying his hands on them.

Since his Ascension into Heaven and the first Pentecost (Whitsunday) he gives his own life and power in the same kind of way through the Seven Sacraments of his Church throughout the world.  They are an essential part of his continuing Ministry and they convey to us the supernatural by means of the natural.

Holy Baptism Water New Birth Anyone
Confirmation Hands Holy Spirit Bishop
Reconciliation Words Forgiveness Priest
Holy Communion Bread and Wine Christ himself Priest
Holy Order Hands Priesthood Bishop
Holy Unction Oil Help in sickness Priest
Holy Matrimony Words Help in marriage Bride and Bridegroom


In order to receive the benefit of the Sacraments we must have two things: first, penitence (practical sorrow for our sins), and secondly, faith (a trustful love for God).