He suffered


Passion Sunday – the day on which the Church turns its eyes on the sufferings of Christ. We do so this year, as every year, in a world beset and scourged by suffering – national, communal and individual – as each day’s news reminds us. Some of that suffering is the result of disease or accidents or natural disasters: but most of it is caused by the wickedness in the heart of human beings whom God has created with free will, able to do good or to do evil.

Nevertheless, the age old question is still asked, “Why does God allow suffering?” And a choice of two answers has been given: either he could stop it but does not care – he is almighty but not all-merciful; or he cares but cannot stop it – all-merciful but not almighty.

The Christian answer, in so far as there is one, is that he is the Lord of heaven and earth and, although he allows suffering, he cares, and cares unbelievably deeply.

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