Welcome to Holy Faith


Welcome to Holy Faith, a website which aims to help people on their Christian journey. Content is frequently added so it will continue to grow.  Enjoy your visit and please come again!

About Holy Faith

This website provides resources and support for people who would like to know more about Christian faith and practice or who teach others. You’ll find free resources for reading online or printing. The materials are rooted in traditional Anglican Catholic teaching but it is hoped that all who visit this website will find something to help them on their spiritual pilgrimage.

The fish, which is an integral part of the logo, is a symbol going back to the days of the Early Church.  The letters of the Greek word for ‘fish’ form the initial letters of ‘Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour’ in Greek.  So the fish is a reminder of our early Christian heritage and it sums up what the Christian Faith is all about.

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