The Church, the Society of God



Some of you may have attended a Christingle service and given money to the Children’s Society which works to help children going through difficult times.  You’ll have heard of other societies which work to relieve the suffering of animals, such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).  But the biggest society the world has ever known is the Church.

There is one great difference between the Church and all the other societies – only the Church was founded or started by God.  We have already thought about the Church as the People of God and today we are going to think of it as God’s Society.

All societies are organised or arranged in much the same way.  To begin with, every society has one or more purposes for which it was formed.  The purpose of the Zoological Society of London is to promote the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats (places where they live in the wild).  That is why the Society runs the London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo.

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