3. The Fall

Just as a crystal has to be clear as the light in order to share the light, so we have to be as pure as God in order to share his life in Heaven.  “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”.


In the beginning human beings loved God completely and delighted in pleasing him in every way.

Then human beings obeyed the Devil, the spiritual and personal power of evil, and ever since they have used their minds to know evil, their hearts to love evil and their wills to choose evil.

So, as a result of that Fall, human beings:

  • separated themselves from God;
  • became subject to the power of evil;
  • became unable to do what was right or be the kind of people God meant them to be.

And all the wrong things we think and say and do – that is, our sins – separate us also from God and make us quite unlike him.

But God is Love, and so his answer was to put things right himself by becoming Man in the Person of Jesus Christ.