The Olympic Games

You have all heard of the Olympic Games which are held every four years in one or other of the countries of the world.  The first Olympic Games were held in the year 776 BC at Olympia in Southern Greece where there was a famous temple.  The Games included track events, jumping, wrestling, boxing, discus and javelin throwing, and later, chariot races.  The prize for the winners was a wreath of wild olive.  The Games were kept up at Olympia until the year 396 A.D. when Alaric, the barbarian chief, invaded Greece.  They were started again in the year 1896 and are now open to all nations.

All the competitors in the Olympic Games have to do two things if they are to have any chance of success.  They have to train and they have to practise.  This, of course, applies to everyone who takes part in athletics or other sports, such as football, swimming or gymnastics.  First they have to watch their diet so their weight is just right.  They have to make sure they go to bed in good time because they will probably be up early for training sessions to build the strength and suppleness of their muscles.  Besides this, in order to keep themselves fit and to reach their best form, they also have to practise their sport very regularly.

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