4. Jesus Christ, God and Man

Jesus Christ was – and is – God himself who became Man and lived a human life on earth.

His disciples discovered who Jesus really was from:

1. What he did

His miracles over:

a) Disease (blind, deaf, paralysed, lepers)
b) Nature (stilling of the storm, feeding of the 5000, water into wine at Cana)
c) Death (Jairus’ daughter; widow’s son at Nain; Lazarus)

2. What he said

He claimed that all should put loyalty to him before loyalty to their families; that he would judge all humankind; that God was his Father in a way that he was no one else’s Father; ”…where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” (NRSV, Matthew 18:20).  His enemies said he was a madman and a fraud.  His disciples knew that he was neither.

3. What he was

A perfect Person, without sin and without any need to be forgiven, who treated God as his equal.

4. His Resurrection from the dead

St Thomas put it all into words when he said, “My Lord and my God”.