The Crucifixion and the Eucharist


Maundy Thursday

Jesus had always known that his enemies, led on by the Devil, would crucify him, but when towards the end of his Ministry he began to tell his Apostles, they found it very difficult to take it in.  They thought that the worst possible thing that could happen would be for Jesus to be killed, and when on Maundy Thursday they realised he was in danger, two of them bought a sword each so that they could defend him and so help him to escape and save his life.  But, so far from running away he was ready, like the Good Shepherd, to stand his ground and to give himself and his life for us upon the Cross.

For Jesus left Heaven and came into this world and offered himself on the Cross in order to do two things: first, to save us from the power of evil and bring us to God to be his for ever; and secondly, to renew us by making us become like himself.

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