“Depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire” (Matthew 25:41)

Hell is the logical and inevitable outcome of unrepented sin.  Sin is separation from God, Hell is that separation made permanent by the sinner’s own will.  For our freedom to choose God as the object of life’s journey carries with it also our freedom to reject him.  And as he is the source of all goodness and lasting happiness, so without him there can be neither goodness nor happiness.  Hell, therefore, is not a punishment inflicted on sinners by God as an act of revenge, but is a state of misery which is inseparable from their rejection of him.

For it is the spiritual condition of sinners, for which they themselves are responsible by the exercise of their free will, that is their own Hell.

Heaven is where God is seen, Hell is where he is unseen and unfelt and, so far as the people in Hell are concerned, to all intents and purposes has ceased to exist.  The next life is a spiritual one not a material one, and so Hell is the continuation of a person’s spiritual life here, but without the material comfort and distractions of this life.

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