The Door of the Sheep


“…I am the door of the sheep” (RSV, John 10:7)

Only when we actually see God shall we understand what he is really like. And that experience will be completely shattering. All our present ideas of God are hopelessly small because they are limited by our human minds which form them.

We cannot even comprehend the Universe which he has made and in which we find ourselves. Our solar system, including the Sun and Earth, orbits around the centre of our galaxy (the Milky Way) at a speed of around 514,000 mph. Yet the Milky Way is so vast that even at that speed it still takes about 230 million years to make just one complete orbit around the Milky Way. (1,2) And of course ours is not the only galaxy: there are billions of other galaxies in the Universe. (3)

Such vastness is altogether beyond human understanding, and yet God himself is infinitely greater than his Universe – the Eternal God who was, and is, and is to come, the Almighty.

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