The Church in Purgatory


This life

This life is something like going to school.  You go to school in order to prepare you for your life in the world when your schooldays are over.  In school you learn to become a good citizen.  In the same way, we are in this world in order to prepare for our life in the next world when this earthly life is over.  We have to learn here how to be good citizens of Heaven.


If we really love God we need not be afraid to die.  Jesus, who has looked after us all through our life and who loves us dearly, will not allow us to feel lonely or lost as we come to die and pass from this world.  We do not know for sure, but it seems very likely that our Guardian Angel will be there to look after us and will be the very first person we shall see.

We have heard a great deal about Jesus and when we die we shall at last see him alone.  At the moment when we look into his eyes we shall love him more than we have ever loved anyone, and we will know that we shall never be really happy until we are with him for always.  But at the same time we shall be terribly ashamed of all the wrong things which we have done in this life, and we shall know that we are not yet fit to stay with him.  For, just as disease germs make our bodies sick and ill, so wrong thoughts and words and actions make our souls sick and ill.  Only when we are completely free from sin and have lost even the wish to do anything wrong, will our souls be healthy and well.

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