6. Meaning of the Crucifixion

Our Saviour Jesus Christ, in willing obedience to God his Father, came from Heaven into this world to do three things:

  • to save us from the evil around us and in our own hearts;
  • to bring us back to God;
  • to make new people of us by making us like himself.

The Crucifixion was a certainty from the start, because, just as evil destroys, so love saves.  And Jesus in his twofold love for his Father and for us did not flinch from seeing his mission through to the end, whatever the cost to himself.


Thus the Crucifixion, which was the attempt by the powers of evil to destroy him, was also the price which he willingly paid in order to save us.

Our sins make us unfit to approach God either here or hereafter; but Our Lord is God’s sinless Son, and what he has done and suffered for us gives him the right to bring us back with him to his Father in Heaven both here and hereafter (See The King’s Son and the Rebel in Our Saviour).