Trinity Sunday

God the Father made the world, God the Son came to save us from our sins, and God the Holy Spirit gives us the power to become holy.  And yet we know that these Three Persons are together One God, and we call them the Holy Trinity.  We remember this truth on Trinity Sunday, which is the Sunday after Pentecost.

The mystery of the Holy Trinity is summed up in the Post Communion prayer for Trinity Sunday:

“Almighty and eternal God,
you have revealed yourself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
and live and reign in the perfect unity of love:
hold us firm in this faith,
that we may know you in all your ways
and evermore rejoice in your eternal glory,
who are three Persons yet one God,
now and for ever.
Amen”. (1)

The liturgical colour for Trinity Sunday is white or gold.  The colour for the following long season of Trinity is green, representing the growth of the Church throughout the world from the first Pentecost until today.


1. ©The Archbishops’ Council (2006) Common Worship: Times and Seasons. Trinity to All Saints.  Available from: (Accessed 05 May 2012) (Internet).

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