Eternal life


Jesus said, “…he who hears my word and believes him who sent me, has eternal life…has passed from death to life” (RSV Catholic edition, John 5:24)

Is life after death just wishful thinking or are there any real grounds for believing in it?  The Christian finds the answer to that question in the only quarter where it is to be found, and that is in the character of God who made us. For it is he who is the Giver of life whether in this life or in the next.  We have received our present life from him as his gift.  The question is, therefore, will God – does God – use death as the occasion and the means of cancelling that gift?

To the Christian such a thought is inconceivable, because God is a God of love, unchanging and everlasting love; and being what he is, he could not allow those who are the object of his love to perish.  On the contrary, he must continue to cherish them not for three score years and ten, but for ever.

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