9. Baptism and Confirmation


This is the first Sacrament, and by it I became a Christian.

At my birth I became a member of the human family in which there is much evil, and I too was born with the seeds of evil in my own heart.

Baptism gave me a new start – what Our Lord calls a New Birth – because then I became a member of his Christian Family, the Church, which is full of good influences; and I was also united closely to Our Risen Lord himself so that I could share his life and he share mine.



As a Christian I promised (as a baby through my Godparents):


  • to reject what is wrong (repentance);
  • to believe what is true (faith);
  • to do what is right (obedience).


Confirmation completes Baptism.  Through the laying on of hands by the Bishop as a successor of the Apostles I receive the full gift of the Holy Spirit of God, sealing me as God’s own possession, equipping me as a soldier of Christ for my life in the world, and making me a full member of his Church on earth with the great privilege of being admitted to Holy Communion.