11. Self-examination

HOW OFTEN?  Once, twice, sometimes, often, habitually.

Daily prayers, morning and evening – omitted; shortened; said hurriedly or without thinking.  Failed to pray for others.


Sunday worship – omitted; been inattentive at; behaved badly or irreverently in church.

Swearing – bad language; used God’s Name in swearing; laughed at religion.

Parents – been rude to; unkind; unhelpful; disobedient.

Stealing – stolen food; money; other things; stolen from bus companies; by accepting too much change in shops; stolen by finding when the owner was traceable; not paid debts; keeping what I have borrowed.  Been lazy; slacked when I should have worked.

Anger – temper; broken things or struck others in anger.  Hated others; wished another dead.  Been unkind or spiteful to others.  Been unforgiving; wanted to get my own back.  Been cruel to animals.

Impurity – in thought, in word, in act; by reading, writing, listening.

Lies – told to avoid punishment; to be well thought of; to injure others.  Broken promises.  Cheated at work or games.

Envy – wished others were less fortunate than they were.

Pride – boasted; been conceited; been impertinent; spoken unkindly or contemptuously of others.  Spoken evil of others.

Greed – eaten or drunk too much; had more than my share; been fussy about food; taken illegal drugs.

Coveting – wanted to have someone else’s property.

Bad example – set a bad example; led others to do wrong.