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In the interests of transparency, here is some information about the website administrator.

My name is Stella Pendleton and I trained and practised as a children’s nurse, a general nurse and a midwife.  A good deal of my professional life was devoted to education.  Along the way I gained two degrees - a Bachelor of Humanities and an MA in Education.  Over the years I have written a large amount of educational material and have developed website management skills.

My father, grandfather and great grandfather were all priests in the Church of England.  At the age of 15, my great grandfather on my mother’s side became an evangelist with the Christian Mission, which was renamed the Salvation Army in around 1878.

When my father, Mervyn Pendleton, died he left a great many resources and these have formed the foundation of much of the content of this website.  However, in updating materials and editing them for the different medium of a website I have also drawn on many other resources.

The idea for this website came to me several years ago but it was not until I retired in 2009 that it could start to become a reality.  More background information is available on pages 20 and 21 of the Chichester Magazine.