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The Stations of the Cross

The devotion known as the Stations of the Cross is a pilgrimage made in spirit along the Via Dolorosa, the Sorrowful Way.  It was along this Way that Our Lord Jesus Christ carried his Cross from the Castle of Antonia, the Roman military headquarters in Jerusalem, to Calvary where he was crucified and then buried nearby.  Each of the 14 Stations commemorates one of the incidents which, according to Christian tradition, occurred on that last sorrowful journey.  To these a fifteenth has more recently been added – the Resurrection of Christ.

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Via Dolorosa

The Stations of the Cross in Verse

Prayers before the altar

+ In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Versicle (V.) Christ for us became obedient unto death,
Response (R.) even the death of the Cross.

Let us pray

O CHRIST JESUS, my Lord and my God, with what great love did you traverse the painful road which led you to your death!  And I, how often have I forsaken you!  But now I love you with all my heart, and because I love you I am sincerely sorry for having sinned against you.  Forgive me, Lord Jesus, and look with mercy on me as in spirit I accompany you on the Way of Sorrows.  You died for love of me: may I die to sin for love of you, my most holy Saviour.

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