Lenten loving - Page 7


But once we make the Crucified the centre of our repentance, then our heart and our will are stirred.  Then we love him because we see with unbearable clarity the depth of his love for us; and it is his love for us and ours for him which makes so poignant the realisation that when we sin we are not just breaking some law or regulation.  No.  We are then striking back at the very Person who gave his all to save us from what we are even then about.

When we see things like that our resolve to do better has real point and meaning and becomes a freely offered proof of our penitence and love.

Let us then keep Lent in this spirit, not regarding it as an irksome discipline imposed on us by Holy Church for our betterment, but rather using it as an opportunity to express and to deepen our love for him who loved us and gave himself for us.



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