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This insidious self-interest is a dangerous and destructive enemy in the life of the Christian.  It can infect everything, including our prayers.  Instead of seeking what God wants for us, we seek what we want for ourselves.  Instead of desiring, honestly and without qualification, that he should do his will in us and for us and by us, we hope to persuade him to give effect to our own personal wishes.

Or, we make our Communion, not with the intention that we may become more worthy of God and more useful as his agent, but just for our own spiritual comfort.  It can even infect the worship we give God so that we praise him because he is good to us and not because he is good in himself.

In a word, we have one eye on self instead of both eyes on God.

Let St Francis Xavier sum up our response to our Crucified Lord and Saviour this Good Friday:

“So would I love thee, dearest Lord,
and in thy praise will sing,
solely because thou art my God
and my most loving King”. (1)


Teach us, good Lord, in all things to seek your blessed will; and ever to love and serve you for yourself alone.  Amen.


1. Caswall, E. (1849) My God, I love thee; not because.  Available from: http://www.oremus.org/hymnal/m/m115.html (Accessed 15 March 2013) (Internet).

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