The forgiveness of sins - Page 5



New beginnings

When we have pinpointed particular sins, have told God we are sorry for them and made up our minds not to do them again, then God gives us a new beginning and we should get up, so to speak, and go forward leaving the past behind us with no feelings of guilt.

We are all sinners, however, and we know that we shall sin again.  The important thing is to turn back to God, tell him we are sorry for letting him down, and never ever give up trying to be his loyal friends.



1. We sin when we think or say or do what is wrong.  Sin is rebellion against God so when we – who are soldiers of Christ – sin, we become traitors and fight on the Devil’s side.

2. God forgives us if we are sorry and say we are sorry, and show we are sorry by making up our minds not to sin again.


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