Tenth: Covetousness - Page 3



The only way to avoid covetousness is to be generous by using one’s money to support the work of God’s Church, which is God’s work, and to do good to other people.  And it is a curious thing that it is the generous people who are really happy themselves.  Mean and grasping people, who only think of that they can grab for themselves, are not nearly as happy as generous and open-handed people are.  And just as there is something very pleasant about generous people, so there is something very unpleasant about grasping people.  You can see this clearly if you think of the kind of faces you would draw if you had to make a cartoon of a grasping person and a generous person.

Make sure you have a generous face by being a generous person.


1. To covet means to want something which belongs to someone else.

2. Love of money always drives out love for God.

3. We should avoid covetousness by always being generous.

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