The Crucifixion and the Eucharist - Page 4



1. Jesus came into this world and offered himself on the Cross in order to:

  • save us from the power of evil and bring us to God to be his for ever;
  • renew us by making us become like himself.

2. At the Last Supper Jesus gave to his Crucifixion its meaning by offering himself beforehand for all humankind, and he also provided the pattern for the Eucharist.

3. Jesus gave us the Eucharist in order to:

  • make known, and to keep always before us, the fact that he died to save us from our sins;
  • provide us with a way by which in this life he could bring us sinners before the Throne of God;
  • begin now to renew us by making us like himself through the gift of himself in Holy Communion.

4. For at the Eucharist we recall, before God, our Crucified Saviour who gave himself and his life for us.  And then, as Our Saviour brings us to God, as his people for whom he died, so God looks on him and welcomes us for his Son’s sake.

5. The Eucharist is Our Lord’s own Service, and therefore we should be present at it every Sunday.

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