Vocal and mental prayer - Page 2


Vocal prayer

Our private prayers

Vocal prayer includes our daily morning and evening prayers.  Unless we speak to God every day, it means we are treating as a Stranger the one Person to whom we owe everything, our very life and existence.  By speaking to God in prayer we keep in touch with him and get to know him.  We can use our own words as well as the words of ‘set’ prayers such as the Our Father.

Morning prayers

As you know, prayer is something very much wider and greater than asking God for this or that.  It is the lifting of the whole mind to God.  Before we say our prayers, therefore, we should choose a time and place where we can be quiet and undisturbed, and then kneel down, make the sign of the Cross and begin by spending a few moments in remembering God’s Presence with us.  Then we should say the Our Father and make an act of adoration, such as the Sanctus from the Eucharist, “Holy, holy, holy…”.  After that, thank God for your past life, and then offer yourself to him completely for the whole of the coming day, and ask him to be with you and help you in all you do.  Lastly ask your patron Saint to pray for you and your Guardian Angel to protect you.  End by saying the Grace.